Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin Review

editorial calendar plugin for wordpressYou want to make content creation easier right? Sometimes you have a lot of ideas, sometimes …. writers block.

Do phrases like “content strategy” make you a little nauseous? Then check this out…

I’d been reading about the Editorial Calendar Plugin on a few prominent blogs like Copyblogger and Chris Brogan.com, talking about how it’s streamlined things and how much they like it. Still, it took me a couple of months to get around to installing it (which takes all of a few seconds… sad I know).

The result… I love this plugin… but I think it’s important to tell you why and how it’s changed things on VSEllis.com.

Last weekend I went to the WishList Live conference and Stu McLaren gave a great talk about content generation and presented strategies for never running out of ideas. Fortunately, it’s been a long time since I suffered a lack of ideas; in fact I have far more ideas than I have time to write about. But, I remember a time when ideas didn’t flow so easily and I know coming up with ideas consistently is still a challenge for some.

While the calendar plugin itself won’t necessarily help you generate a lot of ideas on it’s own, once you start using it you’ll start to look at your content a little more wholistically, see the gaps in topics you need to fill in, the opportunities for recurring content themes and, most importantly, how blog posts fit together and even what order it might make the most sense for them to be published.

You may even find yourself quickly filling out the calendar with more ideas than you can write about!

The effect of the calendar for small – medium sized sites is it’s impact on getting you out of the forrest so you can see the trees.

For larger sites it’ll also help provide a broad over view of the content, topics and their timing, in addition to the workflow benefits of seeing what’s going to be published and when.

Whether you’re a start up site or a big publisher, a blog or magazine, the Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress is one of those “must have” plugins for your site.


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    It’s one of my favorite plugins.

    I love being able to see everything laid out before me. I love how easy it is to move things around.

    I’ve used it to rough out ideas. 10 – 15 minutes with the calendar just throwing out anything that comes to mind and getting it in the calendar makes it not only easy to brainstorm, but once you have ideas in the calendar and can see them all, it’s much easier to have the motivation to write entries on days you may not feel up to it.

    I do wish it were easier to cancel a scheduled post in WordPress, but that has nothing to do with Editorial Calendar. Sometimes instead of going to the effort of canceling something set to go, I move a post forward, but worry about the day I have a rough draft published because I’m unable to get to things in time.

    I agree with you: it’s one of the best plugins out there!

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      Thanks Christopher! I think a lot of bloggers/site-owner will get a benefit form the Editorial Calendar Plugin. If I could recommend one thing to “just do” this might be it.

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    Wow am I glad I clicked over here from Third Tribe. I’ve been longing for something like this, and here it is. Thanks, Scott! (And thanks for that Facebook help, too. Just 1 to go.)

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    With the new year coming up, I’m knee-deep in organizational mode — which includes getting my dusty blog straightened out. This might be useful, especially since I’m getting things lost within my growing Evernote library of blog ideas. I’ll try it out and hopefully remember to come back here & report my findings. Thanks, Scott.

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      It’s a great plugin. I made a goal of doing a blog entry a day in December and being able to see things with the Editorial Calendar plugin helped. Being able to easily move posts around as more timely things came up was great!

      Looking forward to seeing what you think!

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