Power Up Your Facebook Feed with Yahoo Pipes

I was recently bummed when I figured out that I can only import one of my blog feeds into my Facebook notes (I also wanted to import my personal blog scottismy.name and the feed from my Flickr Photostream). Fortunately, Facebook doesn’t really dictate which of your feeds you can import into  notes so the answer to my problems was in adding an aggregate feed rather than just a standard single  feed. Enter Yahoo Pipes.

If you haven’t discovered or played with Yahoo Pipes it’s a content aggregation tool. One of the features is that it will output a single feed from several others. While Pipes can do much more than what I am about to show you, my needs were fairly simple so it makes a good introduction to Yahoo Pipes. If you want “pipe” more than one feed automatically into Facebook Notes or some other app, Yahoo Pipes will work great. Let’s get stared…

  1. Go To Yahoo Pipes, if you don’t have a Yahoo account you’ll need to sign up
  2. Click on “Create a Pipe”
  3. On the Left, select “Fetch Site Feeds” from under the “Sources” menu and drag it onto the screen
  4. Enter the URL of the feed you want (note, you should add the feed url, not just the site URL to make sure you get what you want. If you are on a self hosted wordpress blog it’s domainname.com/feed/)
  5. Click the + sign to add additional boxes for more URL’s
  6. From the Left, select “Sort” under the “Operators” menu and drag it onto the screen
  7. Set the first value in the sort box to “item.pubDate”
  8. Sec the second value to “descending” to keep the newer posts at the top
  9. Now drag the “knob” from the bottom of the “Fetch Site Feeds” widget from the bottom of the widget to the top of the “Sort” Widget
  10. Drag the “knob” at the bottom of the “Sort” widget to the top of the “Pipe Output” widget
  11. Save your Pipe (Save is at the top right)
  12. Click “Back To My Pipes”
  13. Click on the name of the Pipe you just created, this will bring up a screen with the results of the pipe you just created
  14. Right click on the “Get as RSS” Icon at the top of the feed box. In FireFox select “Copy Link Location”, in IE “Copy Shortcut”

The end result of your new pipe should look like this:

  1. Got to Your Facebook account
  2. Go to your profile and click on the notes tab, if you don’t have one add it
  3. Click on “See Older Notes” in the light blue box on the right
  4. Click “Edit Import Settings” in the light blue box on the right
  5. Paste in the RSS feed url you copied when we were back in Yahoo Pipes
  6. Save and be done!

Facebook should automatically import your various content items (blog posts, flickr images, …) into your notes automatically.

He’re a quick video of the process in case something above isn’t quite clear. Note, the video has no narrative/sound. My video may not exactly follow the instructions above largely because I am already importing my feed but if you follow the instructions this should get you there.


  1. says

    I use pipes to congeal several of my podcast RSS to one that is the channel on DaveCurlee.com. That's basically a “What's happening now” kind of feed. Pipes is REALLY powerful. I mean REALLY. I hope that as Yahoo continues to go through it's “who are we, what are we supposed to do” phase (10 years now?) that pipes doesn't fall by the wayside.

  2. says

    Dave, Yeah Pipes is good stuff. Probably endless uses that I'll be experimenting with this year but I also agree that I hope it doesn't go by the wayside as some other good Yahoo Products have.

  3. says

    What a clever idea – gets round the problem of only being able to import one RSS feed into Facebook. Thank you. Do you know how to use Pipes to import data from sites that don't have RSS – I'm confused about which module to use. I was playing aorund with the Fetch Data module but got stuck. I often get system errors within Pipes so not sure what's going on there.

  4. says


    Did you use “Fetch Data” or “Fetch Feed” make sure you are using “Fetch Feed” if not! That would likely be the source of the problem.

  5. says

    I can't remember which one I used but I haven't played around with it for a while now. What I was wondering was is there a way to create a feed from sites that don't use RSS – like you could with Dapper?

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