Using Custom Fields in WordPress

Custom Fields have a ton of uses and can be a great way for a theme designer to augment the functionality of a theme. Unfortunately, custom fields can feel a little intimidating to “non-techies” and those new to WordPress. The following video provides a simple explanation of what custom fields are, how they work, and common uses (specifically images).


  1. says

    Hey, Scott!

    Thanks for that video. I’ve been wondering how to do custom fields for my website. I’m still in “developing mode,” but I’ve been asked by my sister-in-law to help create for her a blog, and I think this tutorial will help a lot.

    Question for you. Can you do a tutorial on creating new page templates? I guess, mostly, I’m looking for how to assemble the code (being a non-coder).

    Thanks a lot!


  2. Gaieus says

    Thanks Scott for these “mini-tutorials” – I have watched a couple already so it is not only for this particular one – a lot of things are gaining meaning for a non-programmer.

    • says

      Gaieus… glad you are getting something out of them. They are really meant for everyone but with an eye on anyone who doesn’t do this for a living! I hope I keep them easy enough to understand and always welcome feedback!

  3. danielzairi says

    Hi Scott thank you for the great Video! here is something that i would love to know if you can give me a hand in Solving. im runing the latest WP 2.9 with FeedWordPress plugin. i have been going crazt trying ot figure out how do i add a custom field to the Syndication so that i can add a script of my own to each post syndicated. i was looking for days now and cant find one single expert to be able to answer this question let along provide a tutorial on how to go about it.

    your help will be highly appricated!

    many thanks,


  4. says

    Daniel, Thanks for the response. What you are asking is really a little out of scope for what I normally do on this site but I'll tell you what. Give me a couple of days and I'll do a post/tutorial on adding a custom field to your website. Keep your eyes open and I'll try to get to it as fast as possible. I had meant to follow this video up with that but never did. The catch is that you'll need to be fairly comfortable with PHP, HTML & CSS.

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