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One of my few gripes with WordPress has been the absence of easy linking to pages and posts internally. Fortunately Aaron Woods has come to the rescue.

I’m not sure why I ddin’t find this sooner but if you are looking for a quick and easy way when writing a page or post to link to another page or post, try Aarons RB Internal Links Plugin for WordPress. It adds a quick and easy button to the WordPress visual editor which opens a window allowing you to quickly navigate though your pages and posts drilling down to the one you want to link to.

While I can see room for a few improvements Aaron did a great job and hopefully the functionality will eventually make it into the WordPress core. This is definitely the kind of thing that deserves to be there.


  1. justin_macdonald says

    After installing this plugin and clicking the button in the editor, I get a pop up box that says RB Link Installer, but it is empty. Any suggestions on what I should be seeing?

  2. says

    Justin, Sorry, no idea, haven't run into that. You might search the WordPress.org forums for “RB Internal Links” and see what is available.

    I tried to hit the plugin homepage for the plugin author but his site is down due to exceeded bandwidth (hope I didn't help too much with that! )

  3. says

    Thanks Justin, appreciate that. If you figure out the original problem feel free to drop by and let us know what it is. I'm sure others will run into this too.. I just haven't.

  4. says

    Sounds like they are shooting for internal linking being a part of WordPress 3.1. Really pumped about that, but only if its a GUI function to search through posts and find ids / slugs….

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